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Class Schedule and Public Speaking Events
Beth enjoys teaching and public speaking.  She is available to speak on a variety of topics, including:  Becoming a Parent; Newborn Care; Grandparenting 101; Keeping Your Marriage Alive While Raising Children; Siblings, Making a Smooth Transition for Your Older Child; Taking Care of Yourself in the Midst of Motherhood; Establishing Good Sleep Habits and Sleep Solutions for the 4-12 month Old, and many more topics.  Her experience with babies and families, sense of humor and passion for teaching make her an excellent resource for your conferences, classes and parenting groups.  If you are interested in having Beth teach for your group, please contact her directly.

Lists of Classes offered by Beth (Note: All classes can be presented virtually)

Newborn Care:

This class helps new parents and caregivers understand the remarkable characteristics and abilities of your newborn and to empower you with techniques and information so that you may greet your new baby and begin your new roles of discovery and care with competence and confidence.

  • Videos and visual aids describe the special qualities and characteristics of the newborn.
  • Focus is given to the first 2 hours: meeting your baby; the first 2 weeks: adjusting to your baby; and the first 6 weeks: mother's recovery.
  • Feeding the baby: Breastfeeding pointers and techniques start you out on the right foot; formula feeding also discussed.
  • The care essentials: holding, burping, diapering, massaging, bathing, swaddling and comforting your newborn are taught.
  • Understanding your baby's sleeping and waking patterns.
  • Full encouragement to blissfully and confidently enjoy your "Babymoon".

Call (925)330-4567 if interested in organizing a class. 


Designed for families of babies newborn up to 1 year old.  The goal of this class is to help parents understand, and encourage, healthy sleep in their babies. 

This class covers a baby's unique sleep patterns, the differences between newborn, baby and adult sleep, realistic expectations for sleep based on the baby's age, and routines that can help establish positive sleep associations and promote good sleep habits.  Tools and techniques will be given to help improve you baby's sleep. 

Included in in the curriculum will be a brief introduction to the different sleep philosophies.  Bedtime routines, nighttime feedings, the family bed, naps and developmental milestones will be covered.

The last 30 minutes of the class will be open for questions from parents regarding their individual sleep issues.

Babies in arms welcome

Call (925)330-4567 if interested in organizing a class. 

Establishing Good Sleep Habits (0-4 month old babies)

Designed for the pregnant family and those with babies up to 4 months of age, the goal of this workshop is to help parents understand, and encourage, healthy sleep in newborns.

This workshop covers a baby’s unique sleep patterns, the differences between newborn and adult sleep, realistic expectations for sleep based on the baby’s age, and routines that can help establish positive sleep associations and promote good sleep habits. Time for questions and answers is provided in this popular workshop.

Call (925)330-4567 if interested in organizing a class. 

Sleep Solutions for the 4-12 Month Old

This workshop is designed for families with older babies who want more information and guidance on how to help improve their baby's sleep.  Our sleep consultant will discuss: 

  • Establishing routines
  • Positive sleep associations
  • Dealing with challenges of weaning nighttime feeds
  • Difficulties with naps
  • Changes due to teething, illness, travel,
  • Developmental milestones, such as rolling over and beginning to crawl

The last quarter of the workshop will be devoted to questions and answers

Call (925)330-4567 if interested in organizing a class. 

Grandparenting 101: 

Congratulations on Becoming a Grandparent!
Update your skills and knowledge of the childbirth process, newborn care and infant safety while learning tips from an experienced grandmother and a newborn care specialist.

Topics Include:

  • Updates in childbirth, infant feeding and newborn care
  • Discover ways to create memories for grandchildren
  • Helpful ways to support the new family
  • Ways to stay in touch as a long distance grandparent
    Meaningful gifts you can make for your grandbaby

Call (925)330-4567 if interested in organizing a class. 

In Home Education and Consulting: 

Beth also provides individual education and consulting on newborn care and what to expect during the postpartum period, preparation for your newborn, sleep consulting and training, fussy baby issues and Grandparenting 101.  This is a perfect option for those on bed rest, those whose babies arrived before classes could be taken or for those who can't make it to scheduled classes.  These classes are highly valuable because they are one on one and can be tailored specifically to your education needs. 

In-Home One on One Classes start at $100.00



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